Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ra Ra

Ryan is such a mess! Every time I have the camera she will say "Cheese" and she squats down. She's just too cute!

Sweet smells

I love the way Emma & Ryan smell after they get out from a sweet - I just want to eat them up! :)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Friends & Fun

Hey Emma, I think you are a little bit too big! :)


Madison & Ryan - it looks like they are really talking about something
Ryan & Madison
Check out those rain boots!
Emma - action shot

Saturday night we headed up to Wayne & Cindy's house to celebrate her birthday. Of course, the guys played cards! Check out these cute pictures of all the kids.

Chuck E Cheese!

Ryan riding a Barney ride
Emma Grace...say cheese!
Paw Paw & Ra playing ski-ball
Emma playing air hockey....she won!
Look Mommy - this is cool!
On the way home.....
So sleepy....

On Saturday, we headed up to Chuck E Cheese in Chattanooga with Paw Paw Tommy. It was Ryan's first trip there and she loved it. They had so much fun but, they were asleep before I got to the interstate.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Poker Night at the Rogers

Ryan & Madison
Lily, Emma, Madison & Eliza
Lily, Ryan, Emma & Madison
Madison singing to Hannah Montana
The girls dancing to Hannah Montana
Poker night!
The guys - Eric, Tripp, Wayne & Bryan
The gals - Me, Cindy, Heather & Jess
Making a mess.......oh, what fun!

On Saturday night we had our "monthly" get-together at our house. We were joined by Wayne, Cindy, Madison, Tripp, Jessica, Lily, Eliza, Bryan & Heather. The kids had a great time running up and down the stairs and playing with every toy we had.....making messes, what children do the best.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Emma's new little friend

While Eric was mowing the yard, Emma found a little caterpillar! She was so excited and even named it McKayla.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bath-time Angels

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Daddy's Saturday with the girls

Little Ra - say cheese!
Best sisters.....4 eva!
Our Bud.......a nickname we sometimes call Emma by.
Look at that big boo-boo on her forehead. She's so clumsy!
Ryan drawing a zig zag pict

On Saturday while I was at work, the girls enjoyed going to McDonald's 2 different times.....once for breakfast & then back out for lunch. I am sure they had a good time. After I got home, we went outside for a few. Oh yeah, Ryan had another big fall today - poor baby!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Growing up.....

This picture was from July 2007....I love looking at old pictures
to see how much they have grown. My babies are growing up so fast!
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I thought this picture of Ryan was just precious......a sweet baby girl!
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Emma's New Do

On Friday we went to see Heidi and get Emma a new hair cut.
It is so cute and she looks like a "little woman."
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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Then & Now

Lily, Emma, Iris & Eden

Eden, Emma, Lily & Iris

The top photo is from 2006 and the other from this year. It is amazing looking at these "4 Little Cousins" to see how much they have changed.

Cowgirl Up!

This is from a couple of weeks ago when we went to eat at Santa Fe Cattle Company...yummy!
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Little Ra Ra

Too cute!
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Monday, April 7, 2008

Go Mossy Oaks Go!

Ra Ra chill-laxin...

Emma & Lily getting ready to bat

On the way in....Say cheese!
Work it girls...
Don't ask.......I have no clue

Ra Ra with the wind in her hair

1-2-3 & it's outta here!

Emma Grace & Daddy

Emma had another T-Ball game tonight. She really did a good job & she always has fun out there with her new little friends. They hardly pay any attention but I guess that is what makes it so cute.