Thursday, June 25, 2009

Emma's new style

M got a new haircut today...Thanks Cousin Heidi!

Way too HOT!

Bud & Bug
Ra Ra - up to something, as usual!
M...with her new hair cut

We spent our Thursday afternoon hanging out with Joanna, Eden, Hank, Cindy & Little Granny. It was way too hot outside...luckily we were by a pool! The kiddos had a great time eating Pizza and being little fishies!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Daddy & his girls
My Dad & I
Paw Paw with his girls
Paw Paw & M
Ra Ra & Paw Paw
eating at the OG - Yummy!
Ra eating her "getti"
M with getti above her lip

We celebrated Father's Day eating at Olive Garden - our fav!
Happy Father's Day to Eric!
Happy Father's Day to my wonderful Dad!
And, to all you Father's out there!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sunday Fun

Look at that red hair!
They were trying to get some sun...that was not there!

crazy...look at M's expression
Ra Ra
Jackson's first trip in the water...he could swim!

Some pics from Sunday...

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Happy 3rd Bday Jayme!

Happy Birthday to you - Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday Dear Jayme, Happy Birthday to you!

VBS, swimming, movies & more!

Day 1 - Emma, Jayme & her BFF Taylor
Jay, Tay, M & Mac Mac
M, Jay & Tay swimming - so much fun!
Tay & M at "Up" movie
VBS Family Night
Crocodile Doc - VBS 2009

Emma had a great week! Tiffany took her in as her 4th child - lol. They went to VBS each morning and swimming and movies in the afternoon. She had a blast! I had to practically drag her out of the pool, she kept telling me to "come pick her up late." Thanks to Tiffany again - ur gr8! Here are some picts to recap their fun!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Disney World!

Magic Kingdom
hangin' at Minnie's house

Riding Buzz

The girls with their $10 balloons (each) OMG!
Daddy & girls
cute, cute & more cute!
on our way...

Fireworks at Cinderella's Castle

Animal Kingdom
we went on a safari


Meeting Mickey & Friends

Princess Dinner @ Epcot 06/02/09
Sleeping Beauty
Snow White
M & Ra (this is where M fell - see below)
Ra on the way dressed pretty as a princess!
Strike a pose sista!
M's fall - when we got back to room

Emma had a fall at Epcot right after the Princess Dinner...her & Lily were sitting on a metal bar (about 2.5 feet high) that surrounded a lake, they lost their balance and fell. Lily caught herself & Emma did not and landed right on her face! We ran to the nearest First Aid for them to check her out - it was much worse than this pic above. They said she looked okay so we went back to the bus to go back but a manager came & pulled us off the bus! They called an ambulance & parametics to come get 2nd opinion, I had to fill out lots of paperwork & answer lots of questions...I guess Disney was afraid of a lawsuit!
some more shots from Magic

Yeap, we wear dots just like Minnie!
on our way to Downtown Disney - so cool!

outside Planet Hollywood
Ganny & girls

Pool Time...
was only at night - they all were sooo tired!
playing in the sprinklers
Ra loved it!
OMG ~ look at her & Lily!

Hollywood Studios

this was so cool ~ a fake city!
The best ride ever!

this is so cute! In the Disney store at the Hotel.
some cool things at our hotel

having a picnic...

hey girl, hey!
Ahhh...FINALLY! After 3 attempts at the computer since yesterday, I am done posting Disney photos! I am so glad! I took 764 so needless to say, I had to narrow it down but there were so many good ones! We all had a blast however, if we do ever go back it would be around Nov-Feb. It was so hot! Crowded too - but I guess it's always that way. There is no telling how many miles we walked in a weeks time...I better have lost some weight! :)
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