Sunday, June 7, 2009

Disney World!

Magic Kingdom
hangin' at Minnie's house

Riding Buzz

The girls with their $10 balloons (each) OMG!
Daddy & girls
cute, cute & more cute!
on our way...

Fireworks at Cinderella's Castle

Animal Kingdom
we went on a safari


Meeting Mickey & Friends

Princess Dinner @ Epcot 06/02/09
Sleeping Beauty
Snow White
M & Ra (this is where M fell - see below)
Ra on the way dressed pretty as a princess!
Strike a pose sista!
M's fall - when we got back to room

Emma had a fall at Epcot right after the Princess Dinner...her & Lily were sitting on a metal bar (about 2.5 feet high) that surrounded a lake, they lost their balance and fell. Lily caught herself & Emma did not and landed right on her face! We ran to the nearest First Aid for them to check her out - it was much worse than this pic above. They said she looked okay so we went back to the bus to go back but a manager came & pulled us off the bus! They called an ambulance & parametics to come get 2nd opinion, I had to fill out lots of paperwork & answer lots of questions...I guess Disney was afraid of a lawsuit!
some more shots from Magic

Yeap, we wear dots just like Minnie!
on our way to Downtown Disney - so cool!

outside Planet Hollywood
Ganny & girls

Pool Time...
was only at night - they all were sooo tired!
playing in the sprinklers
Ra loved it!
OMG ~ look at her & Lily!

Hollywood Studios

this was so cool ~ a fake city!
The best ride ever!

this is so cute! In the Disney store at the Hotel.
some cool things at our hotel

having a picnic...

hey girl, hey!
Ahhh...FINALLY! After 3 attempts at the computer since yesterday, I am done posting Disney photos! I am so glad! I took 764 so needless to say, I had to narrow it down but there were so many good ones! We all had a blast however, if we do ever go back it would be around Nov-Feb. It was so hot! Crowded too - but I guess it's always that way. There is no telling how many miles we walked in a weeks time...I better have lost some weight! :)
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Misty D. said...

So cute.. I love the girls outfits. I'm glad ya'll had fun.

lindsey said...

The girls are so cute! Looks like you guys had a great time! I miss ya!

Mrs. Scruggs said...

Wouldn't be the Rogers clan with out beautiful matching outfits. I especially liked their Minnie suits. Too cute. I am glad you had fun. Disney is a Working Trip...not a Vacation. But well-worth it. :)