Friday, May 30, 2008

Lake Winnie

My fav shot of the day - she had enough :)
Jessica & Lily
Jess & Jenn
Sliding again.......
1-2-3 GO!
Look at me, wheeee!
Ryan, Lily & Emma
Ra Ra & Granny
Lily & Emma on the Frog Hopper
Up, up and away!
Emma got a little scared, can you tell?
I thought this pict was so cute.....
Riding the Ladybug!
Ra Ra loved this one
Toot toot!
Cute...Ryan & Lily
Emma & Lily swingin'
Too cute, huh? She began kicking & screaming as I tried to get her out.
Mary Eliza - say Cheese!
Round and round.....
Best would think they are sisters

Friday was a girl's day out.......along with Granny Debbie we packed the kids in the minivan and headed up to Lake Winnie. They all had a fun time and Jessica & I even found time to ride the "big" rides while the kids road the "Worm" about 50 times.

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