Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's Fair Time!

Ok - This is our Rock Star Diva faces (this is why I am sick, The Spider) Emma is not afraid of anything.
Her hair is the same color as the slide :)
Peek-a-boo! I think this pict is too cute!
Stinky Pig - Emma made sure I posted this one
Checking out the Sheep
Ra checking out the chickens
He looks neat - almost cheetah
The Biggest Chicken ever!
Talking to the pigs
Getting ready to go
Waving at Mommy & Daddy
Ra rode the Farris Wheel with us! Big girl!

Wednesday night we went to the "Big" Calhoun Fair. It wasn't crowded so the kids had fun riding everything over and over and over. Did I mention over? :) This year, Ryan had way more fun - last year, she was not walking and couldn't ride very much. She was wild as a buck tonight, throwing her body on the concrete as we tried to leave. They also had a fun "stinky" time seeing the animals. Oh yeah, I am still sick at my stomach as Emma got me on the Scrambler, Spider & The Himalaya - I'm getting too old for this stuff! Here are some cute pictures to recap our fun!

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