Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It's Fair Time......Again!

Emma's school Art Display
She was so proud!
Sharing Popcorn with Paw Paw
She took one bite - that's it. The thing was $4.00!
Ra's - the 2nd one
Emma saw several of her friends from school. McKinley & Madison
Tilt-a-World with Daddy
Don't have a clue on this one....strange ride
The Scrambler - this is why I am sick!
Sliding with Paw Paw
Dinosaur Ride
Ra riding Nemo!
Roller-coaster! Weeee!
Paw Paw Tommy took us to the Fair on Tuesday night......As if the Calhoun Fair 1 month ago wasn't enough! The girls had a great time and yes, I am sick yet again! Emma got me on the "Scrambler" and I am still feeling queasy; I don't know how these kids do it.

She was very excited because her school had an Art Display. It's in Building 1, so if you are there....go check it out! She was so proud!

This is the funny part.......Before we left we had to get some Popcorn & Candy Apples. Right after Paw Paw bought Ra's she dropped it! She then decided she wanted some Cotton Candy but after Paw Paw bought that, she threw it in the trash can.......luckily it was still in the bag. Then we had a 2nd round with the Candy Apple. She was so tired and barely made it home. It was a good night! Thanks Paw Paw Tommy - We love you bunches! -xoxo- em & ra


Mrs. Scruggs said...

I'll be there tomorrow with my class--I will be sure to find her display! Looks like you guys had fun...again.

Misty said...

Glad we got to see you guys last night. The girls are to cute. We should get together soon.