Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Kevin, Joe & Nick

A photo of the JoeBros from November 07 concert
yes......the Jonas Brothers. Emma asked me today if I was going to take her to see the Jonas Brothers. I guess she heard on Disney or the radio they were getting ready to release their tour dates, etc. I can't even imagine what these tickets will go for considering I paid out the you-know-what for Hannah Montana Meets Miley Cyrus tickets......I am anxious to see. I said, "Don't you remember that they were on the tour with Hannah when we saw her?" She replied, "Duh, but I can see them again!" Funny how children think $ grows on trees huh?

We will see ~ as if a trip to DISNEY in May isn't enough..........

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Misty D. said...

That is hilarious... Jager went to see them at a private concert in the Bahamas right before Christmas and he hated it... he said "girls are crazy over those dudes"...it was funny! Let me know if you guys are going ~ we might need to join you!