Wednesday, February 11, 2009

CoCo Update

CoCo ~ pictured in top right

Praise The Lord this child does not have Leukemia! After visiting her today at TC Thompson we learned that the bone marrow test came back negative however, she has another disorder by the name of HLH. HLH is where you have too many histiocytes, as well as lymphocytes. These cells can cause serious organ damage. They will be going in tomorrow to do a biopsy of her liver for further testing. This disease is not curable, however, it is treatable thru chemo & steroids. Bryan & Heather wanted me to thank everyone for the prayers but we can not stop praying!!

For those of you who know CoCo, she was in good spirits today, talking about how much she wanted some Sunny D & was cutting up as her normal self. I pray that the Good Lord above heal this child. We love you CoCo!

Please pray for this family daily!

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