Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

This is the CUTEST pic ever...of the 4 older girls
(Emma, Lily, Eden & Iris) joined by Ra
Almost all the kiddos...I think we are missing Co-Co
Go Emma!
Ryan with some of Dad's help
Time to Play!
Fishing Fun

Sunday, The Rogers side of the family had their annual dinner & egg hunt. All the kiddos were so cute...check out some pics below to recap our fun!


Mrs. Scruggs said...

Love the pics and I love your new layout/background. What a beautiful day it was...and oh, by the way-I think our family has the most beautiful children. Don't you think?

Misty D. said...

Sorry Jo- I have to say my family does to! but that's it... LOL... love the pics - and love your new doo! Hope you guys had a good one - we had a sick baby & a muddy times! Ant left for Louisiana early Sunday a.m. to so we're missing daddy again! My sis is sick again today, hope you don't catch what she has!