Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus came to the Rogers!

Christmas Morning - opening Santa's gifts

Christmas with the Carney side

I love you, sweet girl!
Crazy, crazy & more crazy!
Best Cuz
Emma showing off her Pink DS from Granny Debbie.
La La & Ra Ra
Go for it Ra Ra!
Baby doll!
I love you too, sweet girl!

Christmas with Paw Paw Tommy

The Best Dad in the World!
Learning how to play her new DS
Ra got an new easel - so much fun!
Emma got Hannah Montana's Malibu Beach House! This is sooo cool!
1-2-3 Go!
Sisterly love
Yes, I am rotten!
Emma was so excited! Taylor Swift new cd.
Playing with Aunt Jean
Rolling around
Too cute! Paw Paw with his girls
Rotten to the core!

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