Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dress Rehearsal

My#1 Gymnast
Group shot - the final pose!
My Bud & I
Ra & Liza...Ryan was running around from seat to seat.
I am surprised we didn't get kicked out!
So pretty! She is starting to look like me - lol! :)
Lily & Emma being crazy!

Thursday afternoon we had Dress Rehearsal at The Wink for Emma's Spring Recital on Saturday. She did great! And of course, she was the prettiest one of all...come on, what mom wouldn't say that? We are so proud of you! Next year, she will do Ballet in the fall and Tap in the Spring...we are excited about that!
She performs Saturday at The Wink at 1 pm...come check it out!

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Mrs. Scruggs said...

Beautiful Girls...all of you. Great job Emma!