Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Emma's End of Year Party

The girls making crazy faces
Emma giving Ms. Bridgette her gift bag from the class. They each stood in a row and had a line to say about Ms. Bridgette before presenting her with her bag. Emma's line was, "Because of us, you deserve a dinner & a massage!"
She got soaked!
All the kiddos ganging up on Ms. B

I attended Emma's end of year Pre-K party this morning. It was also PJ Day! They had a blast but were bummed because they had water games planned! The good thing is that they were still able to play their games under a little awning so it was all good. It was so funny ~ they all started to attack Ms. Bridgette with the water balloons. They are all so precious & have grown into little adults. Tomorrow is her Pre-K Graduation...sniff sniff!

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